Interview with: Veronica

Q What is your dirtiest fantasy?
A. Wow first question and I am already getting turned on. When men call and leave it completely up to me I love to be the naughty little tease. Outside with my girlfriends in our school girl uniforms bending over showing my panties. Sucking on my finger or biting my lip, just waiting for the invitation to come over. I love to seduce unsuspecting men. The pouty lip and my firm breasts. No one can resist that. Let me cry on your shoulder and suddenly slip my hand down between your legs. My eyes growing big and a gasp from my lips. Suddenly my skirt is up around my waist and your huge hard cock is stretching my pussy until I think I will rip in half. Screaming YES YES YES I am gripping you tightly until you explode filling me.


Q. What has to be your favorite pair of panties?
A. Well since I believe any time any place I love crotchless panties. You can pick me up and put me on the counter, no need to stop and slip them off or to the sides just one good thrust and you've got me wrapped around you ~ Literally~

Q. Of all the things you have done in your life, what sexually do you think was your favorite experience?
A. Once some friends asked me to strip for a bachelor party. They said it was just dancing but as I started to strip they kept offering me more money to touch me. Touching hmm ... the next thing I knew I was down on my hands and knees. The groom to be was entering me as his best man grabbed my hair pulling my head back. I was getting fucked pretty hard by both while the other men just started stroking their cocks. I was certainly the entertainment for the night. I had men cumming over every part of my body. At one point I had a cock in each hand, my mouth and I was squatting over another. I've never been fucked like that but believe me next time someone wants me to dance I will be READY AND WILLING~ So uhm call me *giggling*

Q. What do you enjoy about phone sex?
A. To me the best part is hearing the moans and gasps on the other end. I love hearing something so outrageous and calling my girlfriends telling them I have a new idea. LOL as if it is my own. I get to use my fingers, toys, and any friend that is willing to play. I love getting off hard and knowing the man on the other end is panting as hard as I am. I think just hearing someone's breath catch, the gasp, the sigh or with me the SCREAMs makes it so much fun. So call me and lets see what you sound like as you shoot that big thick load for me.

Q. And of course what is your favorite position and why?
A. Well I am a bit of a slut and I believe the more the better so I would have to say me on top with my back against your chest really turns me on. I love taking your hands and running them over my body while another girl joins in and squats between OUR legs. She can lick my pussy or your cock as it slides in and out. Just having her face smeared with our juices is so hot. Having her stand up and letting me lick her face while you explode inside me.

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