Interview with: Sydney

Q What is your dirtiest fantasy?
A. I have to admit that I love most of the fantasies that men suggest, but if I had to pick two they would be: first, when a man wants me to be his little cumslut. My arms tied behind my back, down on my knees while he and as many of his friends as he wants all take turns face fucking my mouth hard, while the others are standing around me jerking their cocks just waiting to bathe me in their cum. Anytime someone suggests this fantasy, I know I am going to cum soooooooo hard.


Q. What has to be your favorite pair of panties?
A. Wow these questions really make me think... Often, I have to say I don't wear any. When I do I love the ones that tie on either side. I love nothing more then being a bit dominate and ordering the guy I am with to take them off with his teeth and put them on himself so he can parade around for me. With all the ribbon on the sides it makes it much easier for him to fit in them.

Q. Of all the things you have done in your life, what sexually do you think was your favorite experience?
A. Its tough for me to pick just one, but I would have to say I love public sex. I love the thrill of ALMOST getting caught. I think the funniest sexual experience I've have had was when both my girlfriend and my boyfriend at the time picked me up from the airport. I had been out of town for almost 3 weeks and we were all dying to fuck. We basically made it out of the airport and pulled into the first parking lot we saw. It happened to be a rainy day, and it was a gas station which had a car wash. My girlfriend has a jeep, and we pulled into the car wash and put the seats down. We got into it pretty hardcore. Nice little back seat threesome. Little did we know until we were leaving that there was a security camera in there with us. The guy on duty sat inside WATCHING the entire thing. So, uhm, does that make me a porn star since I've been on someone's video camera other than my own?

Q. What do you enjoy about phone sex?
A. I tell all my friends that I have the best job in the world. Its so fun to get naughty and be able to sit around all day touching my shaved pussy. I love knowing the man is stroking his cock thinking of me and my pussy and how wet I am. I get to fantasize all day and hear the dirtiest, naughtiest confessions. It drives me crazy! It is exciting for me to hear them cum and to know I am so close as well. I will say it again - I have the best job in the world!

Q. And of course what is your favorite position and why?
A. Wow I honestly have so many that to put just one isn't right. Plus I think I'm known as one of the biggest teases around, so I'll just have to end by saying that if this is something you really want to know, you should call so I can either whisper it to you or scream it in your ear as we play together. You pick, because I love to play!

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