Interview with: Raquel

Q. What is your dirtiest fantasy?
A. I have too many! One of my favorites would have to be when a man takes control and fucks my hot little cunt over and over. Me pretending to beg him to stop, and him fucking me that much harder... as I pretend to say no, he pulls his cock out of my hot snatch and pumps it deep into my hot, tight virgin ass. After he has reached his peak and can't hold his load anymore he pulls his dick out of my ass and shoots his hot cum all over my face and mouth. YUM-MMY!!


Q. What has to be your favorite pair of panties?
A. Hmmm... Funny as it may sound, I like pretty full back lacy and sheer panties. I am very athletic and so thongs only seem to ride up my ass, and I think you and I both know panties are NOT what I want up my ass. *wink*

Q. Of all the things you have done in your life, what sexually do you think was your favorite experience?
A. There are a few.. College orgies.. Mmmm, Pussy, Cock & Cum OH MY!! Road head is still a chart topper. I love sucking my mans cock as he mashes the gas pedal into the floor. For extra fun I like when he turns the dome light on, so all of the lonely truckers can watch my nice round ass in the air as I bury my face in his lap, and his cock in my throat...

Q. What do you enjoy about phone sex?
A. I have friends over a lot, so when you call and want to hear me getting fucked- being the good friends that they are they have no choice but to submit to my desires. Plus- I get to listen to your fantasies and touch myself all day!

Q. And of course what is your favorite position and why?
A. Face Down, Ass Up, DP... why?? because it hurts so good baby! Cum and try me out!

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