Interview with: Lacy

Q. What is your dirtiest fantasy?
A. Well, I think that dirty fantasies are what is on my mind most of the time. I daydream about so many dirty lil deeds! *Giggles* Definitely give me a call, so I can tell you all about them!


Q. What has to be your favorite pair of panties?
A. Well none preferably but if it has to be... I like the black lace kind you can see through.

Q. Of all the things you have done in your life, what sexually do you think was your favorite experience?
A. Wow I have so many, but my favorite and most special would be the foursome with my best friend and her boyfriend out in her parents pool area. As my boyfriend fucked me in the ass and her boyfriend pumped my pussy really hard; I gave her hot licks until she came all over my tongue. Then the boys both gave me a hot cum facial... Tasty!

Q. What do you enjoy about phone sex?
A. I really enjoy the calls... I learn so much, .every caller opens a world of new erotic experience for me! I get so hot & wet knowing some is touching themselves with fantasies of me in their minds. In my sick little fantasies I would fuck them all at once! Honestly, I enjoy playing with my tiny smooth pussy while they jerk-off for me. I often use toys of all various size I sometimes even use 2 at a time as I scream and moan pumping my tight lil pussy and asshole until I cant take no more. I am open to my callers and aim to please any fantasy they can think of from naughty princess to demanding diva to innocent virgin... hahaha... I also enjoy taking total control...*Whispers* Everyone has a wicked side hidden within... I used to tie up my teddy bear!

Q. And of course what is your favorite position and why?
A. All of them! OK, OK, I’ll pick one... Me on all four... ass up in the air... with you behind so you can push up on it nice & hard while fucking both of my tight lil holes!


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