Interview with: Ashley

Q What is your dirtiest fantasy?
A. My dirtiest fantasies have always revolved around my hot neighbor. All my friends started telling me how hot he was, so how could I NOT fantasize about fucking him!?! I would see his girlfriends leave his place and imagine the sex acts they might have done. I would think about him doing me in every way imaginable. Later, I made my fantasy come true when I came on to hiom and he happily agreed to fuck me. We became fuck buddies for a long time, and I loved trying out all kinds of kinky stuff with him.


Q. What has to be your favorite pair of panties?
A. I love panties that tie on either side. Everytime I (or someone else) takes them off it's like unwrapping a piece of candy - with ME as the creamy filling!

Q. Of all the things you have done in your life, what sexually do you think was your favorite experience?
A. I?d have to say so far that playing with girls AND boys at the same time has been my favorite experience. It's the best of both worlds! The only thing better than a huge load of cum is sharing it with a cute girl. Plus, an extra set of hands is always a welcome treat. I also love the rush of sex in a public place ? the car, a club, a locker room - anywhere that there's the possibility of getting caught - that's where I want to be!

Q. What do you enjoy about phone sex?
A. This might sound strange, but the thing I love most about phone sex (other than cumming of course!) is being able to flirt with guys. I love teasing, playing, and giggling with a guy before we both get off, that way I feel like we get 2 know each other before things get really wild.

Q. And of course what is your favorite position and why?
A. I'm not sure if it counts as a position, but I can?t get enough wet, messy facials! I love to be down on my knees looking up at a guy when he shoots a nice big load all over my face and hair and neck and tits!

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