~Gifts & Tips~

Gifts - Yes, if you'd like you can send a gift to any of the girls on our site! The gift must be legal and cannot be a payment or an exchange for services. Gifts must also be sent to the company address in order to ensure the safety and security of our LilCherryGirls. Packages are forwarded upon receipt. Please follow the same guidelines if you want to send a card or letter. Be sure to write the girl's name on the outside of the package, and send to her in care of the company: c/o Krypton Associates, Inc., 1080 Cypress Parkway #1152, Kissimmee, FL 34759.

Tips - Please send an email to management if you would like to leave a tip for any of our LilCherryGirls. You may also call our Admin toll free line at 1-888-479-9225 x 0 to leave a tip as well. If you get the business voice mail, you may leave a message confirming tip amount. Tips are never expected, but they are always appreciated. If you leave a message, please let your operator know so that she can confirm the tip with management. =)

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