Here is our section for frequently asked questions, if you cannot find the answer to your question here, then please feel free to email us.

Q. How do I pay for a call?
A. We have multiple billing options. Please visit our Rates/PayOptions page.

Q. How do I go about setting up a call?
A. You may call the girls directly unless otherwise indicated. You can also email them to arrange calls as well. Additionally, you can check to see if they are online chatting and contact them via instant messages. Each girls' contact information is listed on their page.

Q. How do I go about setting up a 2 or 3 girl call?
A. See answer above.

Q. What if I want a certain kind of call and would like to be given recommendations as to which girl(s) would be best to call?
A. Feel free to: email us at any time.

Q. Can I get a free sample?
A. As much as we LOVE our jobs, we do need to make a living. Therefore, we do not give free samples. We DO, however, offer 5 free minutes to new callers who request the first-time caller special. This must be requested at the time of your call.

Q. What if I would like to hear what the girls' voices sound like?
A. Give the girl of your choice a call. However, if you're not serious about the possibility of doing a call, then please don't waste the girl's time and rack up needless extra minutes on the company's toll free bill.

Q. Do the girls really play on the phone when they get calls?
A. Of course! Like we said, we LOVE our jobs! For us, business is pleasure! When you call one of our LilCherryGirls, your call rings directly into that girl's home. Our girls are not cubicle sluts who sit in an office or call center.

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